Creative pedagogies

6 things I learnt at the GLAD Conference ‘Creative Pedagogies across Disciplines’, February 2016, Birmingham.

  1. With an increasing national debate on the meaning of excellence in teaching and learning and the introduction of the ‘Teaching Excellence Framework’ later this academic year, the 2016 GLAD conference looked out beyond the boundaries of art and design education in higher education. The focus was on debate and creative exchange.
  2. Arts education is now threatened, not just by government cuts but by an unspoken ideology that suggests art is not really important to a nation’s economic and social wellbeing – we need to speak out more in art and design institutions about the benefits of a critical arts education – See Bob and Roberta Smith for example.
  3. ‘In its essence, creative pedagogy teaches learners how to learn creatively and become creators of themselves and creators of their future.’ (Aleinikov, 2013).
  4. How do partnerships with industry, business, communities and the creative / cultural sectors inform teaching and learning in art, design and media and enrich the student experience? Partnership is key to creative pedagogies – not just sharing practice between art colleges, but with schools and other organisations. See Plymouth College of Art initiative with Plymouth School of Creative Arts  Also see Kingston University project with Women’s Institute –
  5. Could we do more research into the value of a Foundation art and design course? Jon Martin from UALWhat Are The Foundations Of Learning Creatively; and What Might We Do With What We Know
  6. The use of Lego for playful thinking and reflective practice –Dr Alison James – see Alison’s book on reflective thinking for student learning



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