HEA successes for UCA staff


As some of you may be aware, UCA has its own HEA-accredited Professional Recognition scheme.  This enables UCA staff to achieve professional recognition either through an academic route of study via the PGCert or MA Creative Arts Education courses, or by attending one of our dedicated units for professional recognition covering Descriptors 1-3 of the UKPSF.  We are pleased that interest has grown in the scheme, from 32 successful applications in our first year, to 56 in the second year.  Here is a list of the staff who achieved HEA recognition this year…if this is something you have been thinking about, why not get in contact with them to read about their experiences, or read this post on their experiences:

HEA Associate Fellow (D1) 

Philip Osborne, Philip Meredith, James Wright, Katie Woollin, James Macintyre, Sim Oliver, Paul Lawrence-Jennings, Valentina Elizabeth, Sue Sicheri, Jason Lake, Helen Bleach, Danielle Dooey, Paul Corcoran 

HEA Fellow (D2) 

Through PGCert Creative Arts Education:

Rosie Holmes, Ed Oliver, Ed Byrne, Nicole Line, Anna Orchard, Mischa Smith, Louise Harman, Simon Holland, Alex Vosper, Simon Pruciak, Claire Scott, Sarah Tehan, Mike Rymer

Through Unit 7003 :

Moyra Derby, Ayshen Ali, Colin Jackson, Fiona Watt, Victoria Storey, Leah Fusco, Justyna Kabala, Jemma Sawyer, Simone Konu, Hugh Harwood, Hocine Bougdah, Katarina Sengstaken, Robin Chevalier, Jim Walker, Will Smith, Argyro Tsavala 

HEA Senior Fellow (D3)

Through MA Creative Arts Education:

Jo Hurley, Lynda Fitzwater

Through Unit 7007:

Matt Lindsey, Chris Hunt, Rebecca Skeels, Lesley Adams, Sallyanne Theodosiou, Tim Savage, David Anderson, Sophia Phoca, Heike Lowenstein, Maria Tannant, Sam McElhinney, Yuwei Lin 

If you would like to find out more about the Creative Arts CPD scheme at UCA, please view the Professional Recognition area in this site.  Fill in an Application for Creative Arts Education CPD if you would like to sign up for one of the units in 2016-17 (closing date for applications for HEA professional recognition is the 21 December 2016).  You could also attend one of the forthcoming briefing sessions on HEA recognition, taking place across the four campuses.

Please contact Annamarie McKie if you have any further questions

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2 Responses to HEA successes for UCA staff

  1. rskeelsuca says:

    well done all!


  2. Tomasz John says:

    Congrats to all! Starting my application for the SFHEA, any advice would be useful.


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