Keep your students active


Photo courtesy of Julochka on Flickr

We are fortunate in art and design. The nature of teaching and learning in the creative arts lends itself to active learning, in which students have the opportunity to participate actively in the classroom. While we do give the odd lecture, this tends to be only one of a range of teaching and learning approaches at our disposal.

But As Dr. Adam Longcroft points out in this SEDA blog post, it’s all too easy to retreat to the safety of the lecture. In particular, he argues, when we are pushed for time sometimes the least challenging option is to just lecture at our students.

But by focusing on active learning strategies, rather than active teaching strategies, our students will have a better learning experience. By focusing on what and how students want to learn, rather than on what we want to teach, our role shifts from teacher to facilitator and we enable students to become active participants in their learning.

Read the full article on the SEDA blog. And you might also like the following:

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