New software to help students with referencing

Over the summer, the Learning & Teaching Librarians reviewed the referencing software available at UCA. We are pleased to announce that we are now able to support students and staff to use Paperpile and Zotero. Both feature an up to date version of our UCA Harvard citation style, so will produce bibliographies and citations that conform to our referencing guide.


Paperpile is easy to use and web based. It works on any computer that has the Chrome browser installed. It integrates with Google products, the Cite as you write functionality works with Google Docs and the articles you find and save will be stored in Google Docs.


Zotero is an open source program that uses a piece of software to communicate with your Internet browser. The software is compatible with Macs or PCs and works with most browsers. It is useful for those who are generally working on their own laptop or computer. You can install it yourself on a UCA staff PC using the Software Center or if you have the latest Mac image using the self-service area, it has been added to the student Mac and PC image. The Cite as you write functionality works with Microsoft Word.

For further information about Paperpile and Zotero, including information and videos on how to use the software visit the UCA Referencing Software webpages.

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