Professional recognition success


We’re very pleased to be able to congratulate the following UCA staff who achieved professional recognition from the HIgher Education Academy over the summer. Thirty-nine staff were successful in their applicaitons for Associate Fellow, Fellow and Senior Fellow:

Associate Fellow of the HEA – Descriptor 1

  • Shaun Knight AFHEA
  • Dan Seddon AFHEA
  • James Taylor Meme AFHEA
  • Hannah Payne AFHEA
  • Jim Casey AFHEA
  • Adam Thomas AFHEA
  • Jim Casey AFHEA
  • Shashi Kahlon AFHEA
  • Steve Brown AFHEA
  • Ryan Humphrey PGCert/AFHEA

Fellow of the HEA – Descriptor 2

  • Jessica Ashman FHEA
  • Andy Small FHEA
  • Peter Renn FHEA
  • Kristina Chan FHEA
  • David Cooper FHEA
  • Stuart Hilton FHEA
  • Kath Smith FHEA
  • Suzanne Gaballa FHEA
  • Lucy Jones FHEA
  • Helen Bleach FHEA
  • Liz Wilkinson FHEA

Fellow of the HEA including PGCert in Creative Arts Education

  • Maxine Chester PGCert/FHEA
  • Louise Bailey PGCert/FHEA
  • Louise Wheeler PGCert/FHEA
  • Lottie Davies PGCert/FHEA
  • Jason Dee PGCert/FHEA
  • Wickham Clayton PGCert/FHEA
  • Asli Shehi PGCert/FHEA
  • Rob Roach PGCert/FHEA
  • Jacqueline Harba PGCert/FHEA
  • Davey Jones PGCert/FHEA

Senior Fellow of the HEA – Descriptor 3

  • Claire Barwell SFHEA
  • Heidy Waywell SFHEA
  • Paul Vivian SFHEA
  • Bev Hayward SFHEA
  • Tomasz John SFHEA
  • Ruth Torr SFHEA
  • Andrea Gregson SFHEA
  • Sam Talbot SFHEA

Assessing the portfolios was a brilliant experience, as it highlighted some of the excellent teaching and supporting learning practice happing across UCA. Well done to you all!

If you are interested in applying for Professional Recognition, please see the Professional Recognition page for more information. There are also briefing sessions taking place at all four campuses.  To find out more, please Book your place here.

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1 Response to Professional recognition success

  1. amckie says:

    Hi Tony,

    All looking good. I have edited this slightly at the end, to promote the booking page link. There are briefing sessions taking place on lots of other days too. Just sending through the presentation and stuff now.

    All the best Annamarie


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