Student engagement workshops

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As part of the university commitment to Student Engagement, outlined in its Student Engagement Strategy, UCA holds annual workshops on each of its four campuses to provide opportunities for students to have informal discussions with the University’s Leadership Team, campus operations and UCASU Executive. The workshops will take place on the following dates:

8 November 2017, 1.30-4.30, Epsom
10 November 2017, 1.30-4.30, Rochester
14 November 2017, 1.30-4.30, Canterbury
22 November 2017, 1.30-4.30, Farnham

The discussion themes are developed in partnership with UCASU and may tackle cross-course enhancement themes such as Campus Life and Culture and student satisfaction. This year’s theme chosen by the UCA student body is ‘Value for Money’. This topic has been divided into 4 sub themes:

  • Course costs for creative arts
  • Cost of living/campus lifestyle
  • Tuition fees/wider HE sector
  • Value added experiences

Please promote these as opportunities to your students for knowledge sharing and collective thinking. Students can book their place using this form – please share this link with them.

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