Walking and learning – Rosie Holmes

Rosie Holmes, Learning Support Coordinator at UCA Farnham, explains how she walks with her students to help them achieve a deeper level of learning and reflection.


Rosie’s recent research ‘Walking towards a more embodied pedagogy’ explores the benefits of incorporating the body and walking into teaching and learning practices in order to enable a much deeper level of learning, reflection and creativity. The historical background to walking and thinking indicates that walking has long been a highly valued activity for many philosphers, writers and artists.

More recent research clearly confirms that the benefits of walking include richer dialogue, a more reflective form of attention which supports the generation of ideas, reduced anxiety and a place for absorbing and making creative connections in our learning.

Online References:

About Rosie:

Rosie is one of the team of Learning Support Coordinators working on UCA’s 2-year Inclusivity Project, and leading the project strand concerned with wellbeing and mental health. She has a professional background of 15 years experience of working in arts education, both in Learning Support (as a Learning Mentor and Learning Support Assistant) and also as a freelance Community Artist teaching courses in lens based media. Rosie is a fellow of the HEA and is currently involved in research that explores embodied pedagogy, in particular through the support of walking and mindfulness practices. 

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