Why do a PGCert or MA in Creative Education?







Whether you are preparing for your first ever class, or want to become a first class educator, UCA’s PGCert and MA in Creative Education will enhance your confidence and creativity in the classroom.

The courses enable you to improve your knowledge of education and develop a more informed approach to teaching and supporting learning. By enrolling on the PGCert or MA, you gain entry into a supportive community of practitioners within which you can ask challenging questions to help you improve your educational practice. You’ll have the opportunity to review your achievements and develop the knowledge and professional values that underpin your approach to learning.

A PGCert and an MA in Creative Education are transferable qualifiations that demonstrate your commitment to student success. They also look great on your CV.

What topics does the PGCert cover?

From September 2018, the PGCert in Creative Education will cover the following topics (please note that this is an indicative list and subject to change through the periodic review process):

  • Relevant learning theories and practices in creative arts disciplines and/or professional services that examine how learners learn in higher education
  • Issues in creative arts education
  • The wider HE context, including policies, procedures, quality assurance, legal requirements and professional standards
  • Making learning inclusive
  • How to assess learning in the creative arts, and how assessment informs learning in creative arts disciplines
  • How to give effective feedback, and exploring feedback in creative arts disciplines
  • How technology affects learning, and critically evaluating technologies for teaching
  • Signature pedagogies and threshold concepts in creative arts disciplines
  • Interculturality, widening participation, internationalisation of the curriculum
  • Your own underlying beliefs, values, knowledge in relation to learning and teaching in creative arts disciplines, as well as your own strengths and developments needs
  • Finding, mapping and reviewing relevant literature that can develop your understanding of your role
  • HE and FE professional standards for teaching and supporting learning

What topics does the MA cover?

From September 2018, the MA in Creative Education will cover the following topics (as above, please note that this is an indicative list and subject to change through the periodic review process):

  • Scrutinise problems in areas such as:
    – Identity of Further Education (FE) or Higher Education (HE) professionals
    – Educational and social theories
    – The purpose of assessment and educational evaluation
    – Theories of inclusive education
    – Digital pedagogies
    – Educational leadership
    – International pedagogy in creative arts
  • Undertake a literature review
  • Learn how to meet requirements for research ethics
  • Explore a range of methodologies and methods
  • Establish a suitable theoretical framework
  • Develop a robust research design and investigate sampling, data collection, data analysis
  • Report the results of the investigation
  • Initiate an intervention and collect data
  • Ensure validity and reliability in undertaking the investigation
  • Analyse and report the results of your intervention
  • Identify recommendations for future research

Who can apply?

If you are involved in teaching or supporting learning you are eligible to apply. Previous cohorts have included course leaders, lecturers, participants from Campus Registry, Library and Student Services, and the Technical Tutors team, as well as participants from outside the university. The courses enables you to meet colleagues from across and beyond the university, and previous participants have found this valuable as it helps them develop their understanding of the breadth and scope of what we do at UCA.

How to apply

Please email the course leader, Tony Reeves, at treeves2@uca.ac.uk.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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