Tutoring and Retention – Lynda Fitzwater and Katie Allder

Lynda Fitzwater and Katie Allder, senior lecturers on Fashion Promotion and Imaging at UCA, share the findings of their research into the relationships between tutoring and retention.

What is the relationship between approaches to tutoring and retention? In 2017, UCA’s Lynda Fitzwater and Katie Allder interviewed course leaders across the University to investigate the potential link between tutoring practices and retention, attrition and withdrawal.

In this podcast, Lynda and Katie discuss the findings of their research and highlight the key areas of significance that emerged from the data. To help you skip through the podcast, the main areas of discussion are listed below:

  • 1m 19s background to the research
  • 3m 21s importance of getting to know your students as well as possible during the first term
  • 5m 55s surprise of tutors at hearing the severity of the non-academic issues that some students were having to deal with
  • 9m 30s separating pastoral and academic tutorials, students wanting to avoid ‘negative judgement’
  • 12m 05s how did academic staff feel about the pastoral issues they were having to deal with?
  • 14m 27s what sort of training did academic staff say they needed?
  • 16m 33s professional boundaries, and the value of the mental health first aid course in talking about mental health issues with students
  • 17m 41s potential value of using peer mentoring and structuring social interaction to help students feel less anxious

You can read the full report here. 

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