Alternative Assessment

It’s easy to fall into familiar practices when designing assessment, and these often include asking students to evidence their learning through a written report or essay. But predominantly written assignments can create unnecessary barriers for some students, particularly those with dyslexia or for whom English is not their first language.

Alternative assessments provide students with greater choice over how they can evidence their learning. As a creative arts university, UCA is well placed to provide students with more flexibility around assessment, and this is consistent with an inclusive approach to teaching and learning. But decisions regarding the suitability and equivalence of alternative assessments can sometimes cause concern.

To illustrate how you might consider providing alternative assessments during a course, have a look at some of the case studies below. Each case study explains how the use of alternative assessments has helped students to evidence their learning in a more inclusive manner than simply through text:

  • Written assignment replaced by sign language and video – summary
  • Dissertation replaced by audio files and a support pack – summary
  • Dissertation replaced by visual project – summary

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