BAME 16Students from Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds consistently achieve lower marks in higher education, and UCA is committed to reducing the attainment gap for BAME students.

But why do these students struggle to achieve at a comparable level to students from other backgrounds? The resources below provide a starting point to enable staff to explore the issues surrounding BAME attainment.

  • Addressing the attainment gap at UCA: in this blog post, Annamarie Mckie pulls out some of the key approaches that can have a positive impact on the achievement of BAME students.
  • BAME student experience report: this research project led by Steve Dixon-Smith investigated the factors that affect the attainment of BAME students at UCA.
  • Manifesto for BAME attainment at UCA: the BAME student experience report has led to the development of a manifesto to help staff provide more effective support for BAME students
  • Unconscious bias: it is very difficult for us to avoid unconscious bias, but taking steps to investigate your personal biases can help. This online module helps you explore your unconscious bias.