Is handshake just for students?

Can I use Handshake if I’m not a student?

Yes! Handshake can continue to provide you with professional development information and career opportunities beyond college.

Does anyone use Handshake?

With over 14 millions students and alumni and 500,000+ employer accounts on the platform, there are clear advantages to using Handshake.

What can Handshake be used for?

Employers are on Handshake exclusively to hire students like you for jobs and internships. Your Handshake profile lets you present a full picture of your background and experience to employers. Recruiters can see your classes, extracurriculars, projects and more—so they know you have the skills they’re looking for.

What is Handshake and how it works?

Handshake is an app that connects students on college campuses with open positions, mainly internships and entry level jobs. Over 14 million students and young alumni from over 700 universities use Handshake. Schools purchase access to the app and connect it to their career services departments.

Are job offers on Handshake legit?

Handshake is a network based on trust –– if you happen to see any jobs posted on Handshake that are sub-standard, or if the salary is much higher than the average known salary for that role, feel free to flag so our Trust & Safety team can validate the posting.

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Should I apply through Handshake or externally?

Apply Externally indicates the employer is using an external site to collect applications. Additional action is required outside of Handshake to complete your application.

Is Handshake like LinkedIn?

Given LinkedIn is about connecting with people you know or helping you build relationships from your professional experiences, in some sense that is, by definition, backward looking. Handshake, by contrast, focuses on the future and where you’re going.

Should I use Handshake or LinkedIn?

But Handshake seems to be a better option for university students looking for their first job. The platform bypasses all the networking required on LinkedIn, and the jobs you see are already filtered based on your profile. That makes narrowing down opportunities slightly easier.

Do recruiters use Handshake?

One of the biggest benefits of having a Handshake profile is getting messages directly from recruiters who think you could be a good fit for their jobs! Last year, employers sent more than 16 million messages to students on Handshake.

How do students Handshake?

Here are five steps you can take to jump-start your Handshake experience!

  1. Login to Handshake. …
  2. Now that you’re logged in to Handshake, upload a resume. …
  3. Fill out your profile. …
  4. Explore Handshake! …
  5. Follow some jobs and employers you’re interested in.

What is Handshake for college?

Colleges and universities use Handshake to store student information such as résumés, cover letters and university transcripts. Students build online profiles using their own information and list their academic interests. Employers can review these profile and post jobs or internships, also for free.

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How much is Handshake worth?

With total funding of $235.5 million, CEO Lord says Handshake’s valuation is more than $1.5 billion. Handshake counts more than 18 million students and recent graduates among its users.

Is Handshake in Canada?

A handshake is the common greeting between strangers. Shaking with a firm hand and eye contact reflects confidence. Canadians may laugh lightly over handshakes to diffuse the formality. French Canadians may also greet each other by lightly kissing both cheeks once, starting on the left.

Who are handshakes competitors?

Top 10 Handshake alternatives and Competitors to look for in 2022

  • Growmax. ‍Growmax is the right platform built for B2B companies with great features. …
  • Bigcommerce. …
  • Oracle NetSuite. …
  • Pepperi. …
  • NowCommerce. …
  • Sana Commerce Cloud. …
  • Salesforce B2B commerce. …
  • Orderwerks.