Quick Answer: Does UCF require a meal plan?

Do freshman have to purchase a meal plan at USF?

USF requires all first-year undergraduate students, as defined in the University of South Florida Undergraduate Bulletin, residing in on-campus housing to purchase a meal plan. The amount of the meal plan required is determined by the type of housing style (traditional, suite, or apartment) in which the student lives.

How much is a UCF meal plan?

Approximate Cost for the 2020-2021 academic year:

IES/UCF Activity Individual Cost
Academic Courses (in-state) Approximately $225 per unit
UCF Meal Plan (optional) or personal food plan if living on-campus Approximately $ 2,300 per semester for UCF Meal Plan (expenses will vary with the personal plan)

Do I need a meal plan to eat at college?

If you’re living on campus, a meal plan is likely required, especially for your first year of college. … College dining areas usually have pay-to-eat options that allow you to pay each time you want a meal. If you don’t plan to eat in the dining hall frequently, this could be a good option.

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Can I cancel my meal plan UCF?

Cancellation fees must be paid in full by credit card at the UCF Dining Services Office. Cancellation assessments will be charged and appear on the Member’s myUCF account in the semester the cancellation request is approved.

Does USF require meal plan?

Meal plans are automatically included for all INTO USF students with an on-campus housing reservation. They include unlimited daily access to dining halls.

How do you get a meal plan at USF?

If you do not have on-campus accommodations, you can still choose to sign up for an on-campus meal plan. Please contact INTOHousing@usf.edu if you would like to add an on-campus meal plan.

How do you get a meal plan at UCF?

Give Dining Services a call at (407) 823-2651, or visit their office located in Ferrell Commons next to ’63 South restaurant.

How does UCF meal work?


The Any 10 Meal Plan is a weekly plan, that give the students 10 meal swipes to use at both dining halls each week, and $500 Dining Dollars to use at any UCF Dining restaurant on campus.

What is a meal plan UCF?

Once a student has been identified through UCF Housing & Residence Life, they may purchase a Wellness Meal Plan for their time in isolation. This plan includes three (3) meals each day, delivered safely to their room by and member of HRL. Menus will vary.

Is it cheaper to have a meal plan?

At $40 a week, meal kits cost less than dining anywhere but a fast food joint, but certainly more than the per-plate cost of a fully home-cooked meal. If you shop frugally and diligently eat your leftovers, you’re probably eating for a LOT less than $7 a serving.

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How do I get out of college meal plan?

Even though you can’t choose the plan, you can control how much you spend.

  1. Reduce Your Plan. In most colleges, meal plans can be reduced by switching your dining plan amount. …
  2. Keep Track. …
  3. Check Expiration Policies. …
  4. Mix Food Stations. …
  5. Take Food to Go. …
  6. Bring a Travel Mug. …
  7. Check the Menu in Advance. …
  8. Have an Affordable Back-up Meal.

Should I do a meal plan?

Planning your own meals will allow you to see how much you’re actually eating. This also prevents you from overeating at restaurants, which tend to serve a way bigger portion than you should actually be eating.

Where can I use my meal plan at UCF?

You have four ways to use your meal plan.

  • Prepared meals in the Campus Cafeterias. Sandburg Cafe. …
  • On-Campus a la carte dining. Palm Gardens (Sandburg) …
  • Convenience (stores) RESTOR. …
  • Off-campus restaurants. UGRYD is the name of the service that allows you to use your Meal Plan or Gold Account funds to purchase food.

What restaurants at UCF take dining dollars?


  • ’63 South – Ferrell Commons. ’63 South – Ferrell Commons. …
  • Knightro’s – Addition Financial Arena. Knightro’s – Addition Financial Arena. …
  • Chick-fil-A – John T. Washington Center. …
  • Einstein’s Bros. …
  • Starbucks – Health and Public Affairs Building. …
  • Java City – John C. …
  • Einstein’s Bros. …
  • Chilis – Student Union.

Where can I use UCF Dining dollars?

The R’Card can be used as payment:

  • The UCR Bookstore.
  • Campus dining venues.
  • Pepsi vending machines.
  • WEPA Printing kiosks.
  • Campus convenience stores (Scotty’s)
  • Residential restaurants (with Bear Bucks, board plan or R’Blocks)
  • The Highlander Service Station (print, copy and postal services)
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