Creative Education Career Field

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Welcome to the Creative Education Career Field!

What are Career Fields?

We’re very happy that you’ve chosen to join our career field, but you’re probably wondering what the whole career fields thing is all about.

The purpose of UCA’s academic career fields is to provide more clarity and clearer support for the activities that academic staff undertake. Specifically, the career fields are concerned with the time you spend on activities other than your direct teaching and teaching-related administration. In this short video, Professors Roni Brown and Victoria Kelley explain the purpose of the Career Field project:

What is the Creative Education Career Field?

The definition of the Creative Education Career Field is as follows:

Innovative pedagogy that leads to new developments and specific enhancements in the teaching of a subject.

Some of the things you might investigate using your Career Field time are:

  • the development of a focus in Creative Education through evidence of scholarship in the signature pedagogies of a discipline;
  • the design and development of enhancements in a subject area, drawing on best practice in the sector, incuding new strategies to support learning;
  • designing and developing inclusive teaching practices, and practices that embrace internationalisation;
  • developing innovative approaches to student engagement in support of retention and achievement;
  • innovation in the use of technology to support teaching and learning, including providing timely and effective feedback to students;
  • membership of AdvanceHE (formerly the Higher Education Academy).

What supprt do I get for being in the Creative Education Career Field?

As a member of the Creative Education Career Field, you can access a wide range of support including workshops, 1-2-1 sessions and events to help you explore and develop new and innovative approaches to teaching and learning in your subject. Here are some examples of  workshops and development opportunities that are availbale to you:

  • Doing pedagogic research
  • Improving assessment and feedback
  • Using video to enhance learning
  • Developing inclusive learning spaces
  • Teaching creatively and teaching for creativity
  • Peer reviewing for UCA’s pedagogic journal, JUICE
  • Writing for publication
  • Exploring the signature pedagogies of your discipline
  • Incoporating active learning strategies
  • Cultivating intrinsic motivation and a growth mindset
  • Supporting international students effectively

To talk with a member of the Creative Education Network about the next step in your professional development, just contact We look forward to talking with you!

Tony, Annamarie and the Creative Education Network team.