Creative Education Courses

Tony_2016_2_colour-round.pngThe Creative Education courses are led by Dr. Tony Reeves. If you are looking to develop your approach to teaching and supporting learning and are interested in creative learning, our PGCert and MA in Creative Education could be useful to you.

Both courses take place predominantly online using real-time video-conferencing. The courses are highly collaborative and use team-based learning to maximise your online experience.

Former graduates have included tutors, artists, technicians, teaching assistants, librarians and course leaders. You can watch them talking about their experiences here:

At UCA, we recognise the transformative potential of education to improve the lives of individuals and communities, and our courses place wellbeing at the centre of the learning experience. The course team strive to maintain an equitable, diverse, connected and democratic community that supports effective learning and evolves in response to your changing needs. The underlying philosophy of critical pedagogy ensures that tutors work alongside you to understand your specific requirements, and help you develop strategies to drive positive change in your own professional context.

The courses enable you to think more creatively about education by exploring theories of pedagogy and putting them into practice. The key study topics in each course are listed below – please click on the title of the course to view the full summary on the UCA website:

Postgraduate Certificate in Creative Education

  • Unit 1: Learning about Creative Education. Topics include:
    • reflection in creative contexts
    • signature pedagogies and threshold concepts in creative education
    • inclusivity and diversity
    • developing creative learning spaces
    • inclusive and creative use of learning technology
    • assessing creativity
  • Unit 2: Analysing Creative Education. Topics include:
    • social justice in creative education
    • philosophy and ethics of creative education
    • theories and practices of summative assessment
    • wider policy context of creative education
    • interculturality and internationalisation
    • critical digital pedagogy

MA in Creative Education

  • Unit 1: critical issues in creative education
  • Unit 2: research methods and investigating an issue relevant to your creative context
  • Unit 3: producing and critically reflecting on a research project
  • Unit 4: communicating your research with your chosen community of practice

If you would like to talk with the course leader, please contact Dr. Tony Reeves and he would be happy to have a conversation with you .