The Digitisation Service are UCA’s team of digitisation experts. They increase access to learning, teaching and research materials and special collections through the use of digital technologies, and provide the following services for staff and students at UCA:

Scanning and photography

copystand1The team digitises and processes all types of resources, from the most fragile and rare special collections and art objects to VHS, books, journals, photographs, slides and documents.

Their state-of-the-art resources include a Book2Net Kiosk book scanner, large-format flatbed and slide scanners, digital cameras and copy-stand equipment.

Reading lists

book-scan1Working closely with Library colleagues and University teaching staff, the Digitisation Unit supports the digitising of student reading list material which is then provided via myUCA. This helps to lessen the burden on popular physical texts and makes course material more accessible for students.

To request reading list material to be digitised please contact rldigitise@ucreative.ac.uk in the first instance

Video and television broadcasts (eStream)


Copyright-cleared images for teaching and learning (Image Bank)


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