Engaging with Internationalisation

As an organisation, to what extent…

  • Are clear roles and responsibilities provided across all services and functions to clarify their contribution towards internationalising HE?
  • Are international and intercultural experiences, partnerships and collaborations encouraged within relevant institutional policy and curriculum structures?
  • Are cultural diversity and international experiences or knowledge regarded and used as a learning resource within the academic community?
  • Are a diverse range of developmental opportunities provided and promoted, throughout and beyond HE, to enable the whole academic community to contribute to, and benefit from, the internationalising of HE?
  • Are discrimination and barriers (internal or external) to participation and success eliminated within all policies, processes, systems and the design of curriculum?
  • Are reward and recognition systems used to value and motivate individuals’ contribution to internationalising HE?
  • Are operational systems and procedures sufficiently resourced to facilitate internationalising HE?
  • Is a visionary approach to internationalising HE and inspiring leaders promoted across the organisation to take action?

As individuals, to what extent…

  • Are you creating and seeking on-going personal and professional learning opportunities to develop global and cultural understanding through, for example, work or study abroad, language acquisition, international networks, conferences, courses, festivals, cultural events or travel?
  • Are you critically reflecting upon and responding to personal prejudices, biases and assumptions as part of your practice?
  • Are you drawing on individuals/diverse learning histories, narratives and experiences?
  • Are you using flexible and inclusive approaches that appreciate and respect individual differences in knowledge, education and culture?
  • Are you enhancing an understanding of the academic benefits and value of contributing to, or participating in, activities associated with the process of internationalising HE?
  • Are you contributing to international scholarly activity and knowledge exchange?
  • Are you seeking opportunities to understand the social, discipline, and cultural contexts that underpin what is learned and how?
  • Are you leading and supporting others to reflect on and engage in continual learning and development in relation to internationalising HE?

© Matthew Tizzard

From: Tomasz John workshop, ‘How to engage with Internationalisation’
(UCA Epsom 5.1.17)