General knowledge

Try your best to answer these ten general knowledge questions – courtesy of Nicholas and Ray!

1. In 1501, the son of Pope Alexander VI was born. Which famous book was based on the son’s struggle for power?

2. In 1889, the Eiffel Tower in Paris was completed and opened to visitors. It was built as part of the centenary celebrations of which event?

3. In 2000 BCE there were four major civilisations in the world. In which present day countries were they located

A. Greece Egypt Syria Iran
B. Egypt Iraq India China
C. Greece Lebanon Egypt Iraq
D. India Mexico Greece Iran

4. To the nearest five, how many black, female professors are there in UK universities?

5. Who designed the Vietnam memorial in Washington DC?

6. What was the title of the book written by the first black, British, female author to top the UK paperback non-fiction charts?

7. Anagram: which closed London Underground station is made up of these letters:

8. Which Beatle led the way across the zebra crossing on the Abbey Road album cover?

9. One of Picasso’s mistresses recently had an exhibition at the Tate, but which artistic movement did her work make a significant contribution to?

10. Which famous black female singer has performed twice for Barack and Michelle Obama?