Inclusivity Guide

‘Inclusive Practice gives all students the right to teaching that is ‘meaningful, relevant and accessible … It embraces a view of the individual and individual difference as the source of diversity that can enrich the lives and learning of others’ (HEA, 2010).

How can this Inclusivity Guide help you?


“Put your inclusivity goggles on… and never take them off!”
Dr. Gill Nah, Course Leader, Creative Education Suite  2009 – 2017

This guide gives you practical advice about how to value and support the differences in your students. You will find information on specific learning differences, as well as tips and suggestions on how to support these differences.

NOTE: It is important to remember that some students may have a number of differences that need to be taken into account, e.g. an international student may be dyslexic and suffering from poor mental health, a black or minority ethnic (BAME) student may also be LGBTQ+.

Part 1: WHY is inclusivity important?c1-v1

Part 2: WHAT is the issue?

Part 3: HOW inclusive approaches can improve…

The UCA Creative Education team would like to say a huge thank you to Ray Martin and Sallyanne Theodosiou for their extensive and diligent work in preparing this guide. And we are also very grateful to Matthew Tizzard, who won a competition to design all the images for this guide.