International 1 round bCan you imagine what it is like to study in another country? Being an international student can be hugely challenging, and having to negotiate the complexity of a university in a different language presents multiple issues.

UCA is committed to increasing the number of international students on our courses, and this will enable the university to provide a truly international experience for all students. The links below enable you to explore different aspects of internationalisation and its impact on your work.

  • The impact of internationalisation on the UCA curriculum: this podcast examines how to adapt the UCA curriculum to provide a fully international focus. The podcast includes tips for enhancing curricula, and explains how staff will be supported through the transition to a greater focus on internationalisation.
  • Internationalising the curriculum: this blog post by Dr. Tomasz John explains what an internationalised curriculum looks like, and shows what this looks like in practice.