Do college recommendations have to be from teachers?

Can a non teacher write a letter of recommendation?

Many colleges require 1-3 letters of recommendation to go with an application. Nontraditional students can ask former instructors, mentors, and supervisors for letters. Keep your initial request brief, and be sure to provide follow-up information.

Do college recommendation letters have to be from core teachers?

Schools typically want to see letters of recommendation from teachers of core subjects, like English, math, science, and history. If you’re applying for a certain major, then it’s a good idea to get a recommendation from a relevant teacher.

Can teacher recommendations be from any teacher?

A general rule is that AT LEAST one of the required teacher recommendations should be from a teacher in a major subject area – Math, English, History or Science. If more than one is required, then it is usually okay to consider asking teachers outside of those subject areas for their recommendation.

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Who can recommend you for college?

Ideally, your college recommendation letters should come from high school teachers who know you well in an academic subject. And though it’s nice to hear that you got an A in their class, it’s even better when an instructor can talk about how you think, solve problems, and engage with new material.

Can you ask senior year teachers for college recommendations?

Whom to Ask for College Recommendation Letters

Junior year teachers or senior year teachers are usually the best for writing recommendations, since they are more likely to have taught you in a high-level course, taught you over a few years, and/or know you in different capacities.

How do you get letters of recommendation if you don’t know anyone?

What to Do if You Don’t Have Anyone to Write You a Recommendation Letter

  1. Reach out to your academic advisor. …
  2. Reach out to former professors. …
  3. Ask your boss (or former boss) …
  4. Take a class and build a relationship. …
  5. Talk to Admissions.

Can u ask an old teacher for a letter of recommendation?

The faculty is used to being approached by former students who request letters. It’s not unusual, so don’t fear. The way in which you make contact is important. Your goal is to reintroduce yourself, remind the faculty member of your work as a student, fill her in on your current work, and request a letter.

Can freshman teachers ask for letters of recommendation?

Any teachers that you think of when asking yourself these questions are potential candidates for your letters of recommendation. … These teachers are likely to remember you the most. However, if you really want to ask a teacher that you had freshman year, you absolutely can do that.

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Can my boss write me a letter of recommendation for college?

The short answer is yes. It’s acceptable to ask your current employer to write you a referral letter for a different job. However, there are some unique points to keep in mind before—and during—the process.

Can I use a teacher recommendation for multiple colleges?

Q: Can a recommendation from one teacher be sent to multiple schools on my list? A: Each teacher can write one letter of recommendation for you, and this same letter gets sent to all of the schools to which you have assigned him/her on the “Recommenders and FERPA” section of the Common Application.

Do letters of recommendation have to be college specific?

The number varies among colleges. Some schools don’t ask for letters of recommendation while others may require several. Students should check admissions requirements online to find the exact number, if any, a college requires.

Can you submit a college application before recommendations?

You are allowed to submit your application before your counselor or teachers submit their school forms whether they choose to do so online or on paper. The Common Application system allows recommendations to be submitted even after the application has been submitted.

Can a coworker write a letter of recommendation?

A colleague may also be a good fit for a letter writer. And, if you had a good relationship with a former professor, it does not hurt to reach out and ask for a letter of recommendation.

Who is the best person to ask for a letter of recommendation?

Schools often ask for letters of recommendation from an academic teacher — sometimes in a specific subject — or a school counselor or both. Ask a counselor, teachers and your family who they think would make good references.

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Can I ask a sophomore teacher for a letter of recommendation?

Many colleges in the US specifically require that letters of recommendation come from teachers from the student’s junior or senior year. No matter how many variations of the question you ask, the answer will always be to prefer the teacher who has more concrete positive things to say about you.