How do I add my university Outlook email to my iPhone?

Can you add a university email to iPhone?

The iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch can connect to the University’s mail system to allow you to read or send e-mail. To get the best functionality from your email, you should connect to an Exchange server. However, this requires that you put a passcode on your device if you don’t already have one.

How do I add my university email to Outlook app?

Add an account

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Tap the gear icon on the bottom left‑hand side.
  3. Tap + Add account.
  4. Tap Add an email account.
  5. Enter your email address, and tap Continue.
  6. Tap Next.
  7. Enter your password, and tap Sign in.
  8. Tap Allow. Your newly added email address will display under Accounts.

Why can’t I add Outlook email to iPhone?

Go to settings down to Email to add account then enter details . Unfortunately it’s still same problem. you can download outlook app as well for your iPhone from the AppStore. I solved it by adding my Exchange account.

How do I link my uni email to my phone?

Add your university email account to Gmail

  1. Open the Gmail app. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Gmail app. …
  2. Go to Settings. Tap the menu icon in the upper left corner and select Settings.
  3. Add account. …
  4. Select the email provider. …
  5. Enter your university email address and password. …
  6. Set up your account.
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How do I add a university email account?

Go to Settings > Add account > Add Email Account. Note: First time using Outlook for Android – just tap Get Started. Enter your full e-mail address – for example (students) or (postgrad researchers). Tap Add account.

How do I access my university email in Outlook?

Outlook Web App (OWA) is the simplest way you can access your University email and calendar, using your web browser on any device.

  1. Log into OWA.
  2. Enter your University username, like abc123, and password. Your username is on your library card.

How do I enable IMAP on my iPhone?


  1. On the iPhone, tap Settings.
  2. Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars or Passwords & Accounts.
  3. Tap Add Account.
  4. Tap Other.
  5. Tap Add Mail Account.
  6. Complete the Name, Address (email address), Password and Description fields.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Ensure IMAP is selected.

How do I add Microsoft email to iPhone?

Go to your device’s Settings, scroll down and tap Mail > Accounts >Add Account. Select Exchange. Enter your Microsoft 365 email address, password, and a description of your account. Tap Next.