You asked: Which college has most NFL quarterbacks?

Which college has the most current starting NFL quarterbacks?

In the 80s the University of Miami produced Jim Kelly, Bernie Kosar, and Vinnie Testaverde. Now, Miami of Ohio has more starting NFL quarterbacks then the U. The breakdown among the major conferences is as follows: SEC and Pac-10 (seven each), ACC (three), Big East and Big Ten (two each) and the Big 12 (one).

Where are most NFL quarterbacks from?

Louisiana, with 25 NFL QBs, including Terry Bradshaw, Peyton Manning and Eli Manning, is No. 1.

What college has produced the most NFL players?

– Notre Dame has produced more NFL players than any other college, with 495 athletes going on to play in the NFL. – Notre Dame, USC, and Ohio State are the schools with the most NFL players in history and the only colleges who have produced 400+ NFL players. – Alabama leads 2019 rosters with 56 players.

Who is Rams quarterback?

Saint Thomas Aquinas High School of Fort Lauderdale Has Most NFL Players. Saint Thomas Aquinas High School (Fort Lauderdale, Florida), with 12 players, tops the list of high schools with the most players on 2017 NFL Kickoff Weekend rosters, the NFL announced today.

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What high school has produced the most NFL QBS?

These high schools produce the most NFL players.

  • (Tied) Bakersfield (Bakersfield, California) — 20 Players. …
  • (Tied) Warren G. …
  • (Tied) Jack Yates (Houston, Texas) — 21 Players. …
  • (Tied) Junipero Serra (Gardena, California) — 22 Players. …
  • (Tied) Waco (Waco, Texas) — 22 Players.

Who’s the best quarterback in the NFL?


  • Tom Brady. Tampa Bay Buccaneers · Year 22. …
  • Aaron Rodgers. Green Bay Packers · Year 17. …
  • Josh Allen. Buffalo Bills · Year 4. …
  • Justin Herbert. Los Angeles Chargers · Year 2. …
  • Matthew Stafford. Los Angeles Rams · Year 13. …
  • Joe Burrow. Cincinnati Bengals · Year 2. …
  • Patrick Mahomes. Kansas City Chiefs · Year 5. …
  • Kyler Murray.

What college has the most 1st round NFL picks?

#1 – University of Alabama

The University of Alabama tied a record set by the University of Miami in 2004 for the most players selected in the first round of the NFL Draft with six this year.

Which college has the most NFL players in the Hall of Fame?

With this in mind, we took a look at the long list of inductees and found the 10 schools with the most players inducted into the Hall of Fame all-time.

College Football Hall of Fame breakdown: Schools and positions.

Rank School Hall of Famers
1. Notre Dame 44
2. Southern Cal 30
3. Michigan 25
4. Ohio State 23

What college has the most NFL running backs?

1. Alabama, 50 points

  • Alabama, 50 points.
  • Georgia, 34.
  • LSU, 30.
  • Oklahoma, 29.
  • Stanford, 24.
  • Auburn, 22.
  • Ohio State, 21.
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