PGCert online exhibition 2019

Welcome to the first ever online exhibition for the PGCert in Creative Education!

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It has always been difficult for people to visualise what happens on UCA’s PGCert. People often construct their understanding of the course through conversations with graduates, but without any real sense of what participation involves. While other courses have graduate shows to showcase students’ final projects, the work of PGCert participants often remains hidden from the outside world.

The PGCert online exhibition is our attempt to make some of this work visible. During the course, participants have worked in teams on projects involving learning theories, inclusivity, internationalisation, pastoral care, creativity and social justice. In the exhibition, each team has curated key aspects of their learning on the course. Looking through the artefacts produced by each team will enable you to see into the course and develop a first-hand understanding of participants’ experiences.

We hope you enjoy it!

The PGCert online exhibition opens on Wednesday 24th April 2019 and continues until Friday 30th August 2019. 

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