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Why apply for HEA professional recognition?

Becoming an Associate, Fellow or Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy enables you to achieve professional recognition for your commitment to teaching. It’s also a valuable, transferable asset that looks good on your CV and can help your future employability.  More importantly, it is an opportunity to reflect on your teaching and improve the student experience all at the same time!

Our routes to professional recognition are recognised by the Higher Education Academy (HEA) as part of our accredited Creative Education CPD Framework. This is an internal framework that provides a process for Professional Recognition as set out in the UK Professional Standards for teaching/supporting learning in higher education.  Experienced academics or academic-related staff are encouraged to apply for either the HEA Associate Fellow (AFHEA), Fellow (FHEA) and/or Senior Fellow (SFHEA) awards via our Creative Education CPD Scheme.

Staff in learning and teaching leadership roles, who are interested in making a direct application for Principal Fellow should get in contact with Tony Reeves

We’ve had some great feedback from UCA colleagues who have made a claim through our Creative Education Professional Development Framework.  In addition to providing a valuable opportunity to review their teaching practice, participants particularly enjoy the meeting teaching colleagues from other campuses and develop their professional network.

Routes to professional recognition

You can achieve professional recognition in two ways:

  1. through our non-taught, experiential Creative Education CPD scheme. This requires you to present a claim that meets the criteria for your chosen level of recognition by tuning into fortnightly 1 hour ‘reflecting on your teaching through the UKPSF’ sessions,  meeting with a campus based mentor and attending a short preparatory session in the summer.
  2. by completing our taught PGCert in Creative Education. Candidates who complete the Postgraduate Certificate may be eligible for one of either the HEA Associate Fellow (AFHEA) or Fellow (FHEA)

The following diagram illustrates the journey through both routes:


UCA Creative Education CPD Framework

Applying for professional recognition

Application form for Professional Recognition Qualifications

Before signing up to make a claim for professional recognition through the UCA CPD Scheme, please ensure you have tuned into an ‘Introducing the Creative Education Professional Development Framework’ webinar and familiarised yourself with the Participant Handbook for the Descriptor you are applying for:

AFHEA Handbook 2018

FHEA Handbook 2018

SFHEA handbook-2018

Once you have signed up to the scheme, you will get access to an online resource of supporting materials to help you get started in your evidence gathering. It is also strongly recommended that you attend the ‘Reflecting on your practice through P-SR’ (for all levels of recognition) and the ‘Coaching and mentoring for learning and teaching’ (for Descriptor 3, Senior Fellow applicants only)

The final date for applications for the Creative Education CPD (experiential) Scheme is 21 December 2018

Creative Education CPD Scheme process

If you are interested in fellowship, please use the Fellowship Category Tool

Fellowship Category Tool

To apply for Fellowship, please fill in one of the following (depending on where you came out in the Category Tool):

Descriptor 1 Diagnostic

Descriptor 2 Diagnostic

Descriptor 3 Diagnostic

UKPSF Guidance to the Descriptors

We also provide a series of accompanying webinars to prepare you to make a claim.  Some of these are compulsory if you sign up to our scheme.

Please keep an eye out for workshop promotions which are circulated via the University email and Workplace.

Please note that all claims for Associate Fellow and Fellow of the HEA must include evidence of reflection on practice through the university’s Peer Supported Review Scheme

All claims for Senior Fellow must include evidence of having reviewed the practice of a teaching colleague and/or HEA Fellow applicant through the Peer Supported Review Scheme.  

For further information about achieving HEA recognition at UCA, please email the Creative Education email

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