Creative Arts Education Courses

The Creative Arts Education courses provide an opportunity for UCA staff to improve their knowledge of teaching and supporting learning. Any member of staff involved in teaching or supporting learning can apply, and previous cohorts have included participants from Campus Registry, Library and Student Services, and the Technical Tutors team in addition to lecturers and  course leaders.

One of the key aspects that previous participants have valued is the opportunity to meet with colleagues from across the university as it helps develop their understanding of the breadth and scope of what we do at UCA. The course constitutes a supportive community of practice and provides a safe environment within which participants can ask challenging questions to help them improve their teaching and supporting learning practice.

The courses enable participants to explore theories of pedagogy and apply them to their own professional role. The key study topics in each course are listed below – please click on the title of the course to view the full summary on the UCA website:

Graduate Certificate in Creative Arts Education

  • Unit 1: How learner learn, both in general and in creative arts subjects
  • Unit 2: How to develop an inclusive approach to teaching/supporting student learning
  • Unit 3: How to develop robust assessment, feedback and evaluation practice

Postgraduate Certificate in Creative Arts Education

  • Unit 1: Explores issues of learning and teaching in creative arts disciplines
  • Unit 2: Provides an opportunity to enquire into the pedagogy of creative arts disciplines through conducting a small scale research project and, through development of a portfolio of evidence, the opportunity to reflect on professional teaching/supporting learning practice.
  • Unit 3: Provides an opportunity to reflect on the profession of teaching/supporting learning (using the Professional Standards framework)

MA in Creative Arts Education

  • Unit 1: Critical reflection on issues relating to your professional teaching/supporting learning context
  • Unit 2: Investigating an issue relevant to your creative arts context through research/practice
  • Unit 3: Producing robust research on an aspect of your context or are of interest
  • Unit 4: Critically reflecting on your teaching/supporting learning practice and the Professional Standards

Sign up for individual units

The option of signing up for any of the above individual units is available for staff who do not want to commit to a whole course but who would like to or feel that they should engage/re-engage with the study of pedagogy. This option can form part of the PDR discussion and provide the opportunity for staff to ‘remain in good standing’ which the HEA Code of Practice requires. The option of individual unit sign up is for those wanting to:

  • revisit or update knowledge in a particular area can sign up for appropriate Graduate and Postgraduate Certificate units; if, for example, it is some time since doing an initial teaching qualification staff may want to re-visit Assessment, Feedback and Evaluation practice or update knowledge of the inclusivity legislation (the 2010 Equality Act and 2011 Public Equality Duty) which makes good inclusive teaching practices a legal requirement.
  • consider the pedagogic practices of a discipline and challenge their efficacy by questioning whether they remain appropriate: for large groups of ever more diverse students, in the climate of increased tuition fees and consequent ‘student as consumer’ behaviours and in light of the challenge of trying to provide more and better with decreasing resources, then the first unit of the PGCert is likely to be of interest
  • pursue an aspect of pedagogic research with support; there are research projects of increasing credit value in the PGCert (20 credits), MA Year 1 (30 Credits), MA Year 2 (40 credits) to suit a wide range of projects for those with all levels of prior pedagogic research experience and expertise
  •  put together an application for Fellow/Senior Fellow of the HEA; the final units of the PGCert and MA are designed to help participants achieve this goal.

Credits can be accumulated by individual unit sign up for up to two thirds of a qualification but to complete the final one third of a qualification staff must apply for the full course. On acceptance, the accumulated credits will then be APEL’d.

Unit sign up may be of interest to sessional staff with other commitments outside UCA but who would like to develop their teaching practice as part of their continuing professional development.

For further information, to discuss the options or to sign up for a unit please contact either Gill Nah (ext 2782) or Annamarie McKie ( ext 8647).

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