Literature on Pedagogy

There are many definitions of pedagogy, but it can broadly be understood as ‘the study of the methods and activities of teaching’. Research into teaching covers a wide range of topics, so the categories and articles below are intended as a starting point to help you begin exploring the literature.

Designing and writing a course

Assessing and providing feedback on student work

Teaching from an inclusive perspective

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  • Bhagat, D & O’Neill, P (2011) Inclusive Practices, Inclusive Pedagogies: Learning from Widening Participation Research in Art & Design Higher Education CHEAD/ Ukadia Croydon
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  • Hunt, L. and Chalmers, D. (2013) University Teaching in Focus: A learning-centred approach. Abingdon: Routledge.
  • What equality law means for you as an education provider – further and higher education (2010) Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Learning in groups

Enhancing learning with technology

Understanding how learners learn in creative arts contexts

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