Peer-Supported Review

  • Are you exploring new ways to engage students in your teaching/supporting learning lectures/workshops/seminars/demonstrations?
  • Are you struggling with issues around student retention?
  • Would you find it useful to have a discussion with a colleague about ways to improve this, perhaps by them observing you in action with your students?
  • Are you considering how you could make adjustments in your teaching/supporting learning to become more inclusive?

UCA’s Peer Supported Review (P-SR) scheme is a way of developing your teaching/supporting learning practice through a peer to peer discussion and self-reflection.

For an overview of the Peer Supported Review scheme at UCA, please view this short powerpoint.  This shows specific examples of how to fill in the form and then how the experience of doing a P-SR can be integrated into an HEA portfolio.

Reflecting on your practice using P-SR

P-SR form and learning guides to help you do a peer-supported review:

Useful guidanceVideo and guidance on peer-supported review

Examples of PSR conversations

PSR example 1 conversation
PSR example 2 conversation
PSR example 3 conversation
PSR example 4 conversation
PSR example 5 conversation

For further advice on finding a reviewer, please contact Annamarie McKie, Head of Learning, Teaching & Student Engagement

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