Annual Monitoring

aamThe Annual Academic Monitoring (AAM) process provides an opportunity for course leaders to reflect on the successes and challenges of the previous academic year. The purpose of AAM is to:

  • enable course level scrutiny of quantitative and qualitative data
  • confirm academic standards and the quality of students’ learning opportunities
  • provide a focus for targeted action planning to maintain and enhance standards
  • identify any causes for concern or risks to the quality of provision

The AAM report enables course leaders to celebrate the academic achievements of students and staff, and highlight areas of the course that have proved problematic.

Data from student surveys is used to indicate how satisfied students are with their course. If student satisfaction falls below a certain level, the course may be asked to undertake a Quality Enhancement Review Process (QERP). This is a supportive process which enables the course team and the Quality team to identify and address the issues that students have highlighted as having a negative impact on their satisfaction. The QERP process is also a useful way of identifying developmental opportunities for course staff in the area of learning and teaching.

The Annual Academic Monitoring Cycle

The Annual Academic Monitoring cycle at UCA

The Annual Academic Monitoring cycle at UCA

More information about UCA’s AAM process – including the yearly template – can be found in section F of the Quality Assurance Handbook.

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