Common Credit Framework

Common Credit FrameworkThe Common Credit Framework (CCF) sets out the regulations that apply to all taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses at UCA. These regulations determine the structure of awards, and the rules for student enrolment, assessment, progression and achievement. Alongside the Quality Handbook, the CCF is the key document that explains how everything works.

The CCF is a rather dense document, so before diving in it is useful to know what you’re looking for. The main sections of the CCF are as follows:

1) Scope

2) Introduction

3) Framework Structure – here you will find information about why units and courses are structured as they are, how courses may be delivered, different modes of study, enrolment, interruptions and withdrawals

4) Assessment Structure – this section explains the different types of assessment tasks that are permitted, how marking works, what happens when a student fails a unit, and what happens if they are required to resit or retake a unit

5) Progression – this section sets out the process through which students progress on to the next level of their course

6) Awards & Classifications – provides a table of the awards offered by UCA and explains how student awards are calculated

7) Credit Transfer – explains how students may transfer credits they have earned at a different institution towards an award offered by UCA, and also covers the Study Abroad and Work Placement processes

8) Boards of Examiners – this final section explains the responsibilities of Boards of Examiners in scrutinising and validating the progression and achievement of each student on every course. This section also details the role of External Examiners in a Board of Examiners.

For advice about any aspect of the CCF please contact the Department of Quality Assurance and Enhancement.

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