External Examiners

External ExaminersExternal Examiners are an integral part of every UCA course. They can be thought of as a critical friend to a course team, and their role is to monitor the yearly operation of a course and highlight any issues that may impact on the quality of students’ learning.

The role of External Examiners is to monitor the academic standards of awards at the University, and specifically to confirm that:

  • the standards for the courses/awards are set and maintained at an appropriate level as described by appropriate sector and professional reference points
  • the standards for the courses/awards are comparable with similar courses/awards within the sector
  • the structure and nature of the assessment permits students to demonstrate their level of achievement
  • the processes for assessment, examination and the determination of awards are sound and fairly conducted, and
  • there is consistency between the University regulations and the UK Quality Code.

Each external examiner submits an annual report, and this informs the University whether academic quality and standards on the course are comparable with courses across the sector.  The examiners’ responses are important reference point during course reviews and the Annual Academic Monitoring process.

Nominating an External Examiner

External Examiners are appointed to monitor each course for a fixed period of four years. If you need to nominate a new External Examiner, your choice needs to be informed by the criteria below.

External Examiners must:

  • have competence and experience in the subject area(s)
  • have either relevant academic qualifications to at least the level of the course(s) being external examined or extensive practitioner experience
  • have competence and experience relating to designing and operating assessment
  • have fluency in English
  • where appropriate, meet criteria set by professional, statutory or regulatory bodies
  • have awareness of current developments in the design and delivery of relevant curricula, and
  • have competence and experience relating to the enhancement of the student learning experience.

External Examiners must not be:

  • a member of a governing body of the University or any of its collaborative partners
  • a current employee of the University or one of its collaborative partners
  • anyone with a close professional, contractual or personal relationship with a member of staff or student involved with the courses
  • former staff or students of the University unless a period of five years has elapsed
  • part of a reciprocal arrangement involving cognate programmes at another institution, and
  • from the same institution as their immediate predecessor.

For more information about UCA External Examiners please refer to this web page.

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