Student Satisfaction Surveys

satisfactionEvery year, all UCA students are asked to complete a short survey in order to evaluate how satisfied they are with their course.The links to complete the surveys can be found on UCA’s Student Satisfaction Surveys page.

Students complete a different survey depending on their year of study:

  • Internal Student Survey (ISS): this is completed by all 1st and 2nd year undergraduate students, and the data is only available to members of the course team and university staff. Students’ responses are used to provide an insight into the areas of a course that are performing well, and areas that may require attention.
  • National Student Survey (NSS): this is completed by all final year undergraduate students. The data is collected by an external agency (IPSOS/MORI) and is used to generate the annual league table of student satisfaction. The NSS provides a benchmark for all UK universities and is used to help potential students make informed decisions about the quality of the courses they are considering undertaking.
  • Postgraduate Taught Survey (PTES): this is completed by all students on UCA’s postgraduate courses and is used to evaluate both students’ experience of their course and their motivations for choosing it.
  • International Student Barometer (ISB): this survey is completed by UCA’s international students and is used to provide the university with insight into their experience of studying at UCA.

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