Student planning

Students may find difficulty planning their time effectively against a unit brief. Students with dyspraxia, in particular, can find planning/time management very stressful and, like those on the autism spectrum, can become so stressed they can do nothing.


Set formative deadlines that will help with time management.

Introduce a variety of diagrams to suit different thinking styles/strengths, e.g. Kohl, Venn, apps such as Google, Edmodo (which is familiar in that it is styled like Facebook).

Free mind map apps include: Simple mind; Free mind.

Free linear planning apps include: Evernote; S-planner Samsung (specific to Samsung users only); Sony Planner (specific to Sony users only); Wunderlist; Ishould (30 day free trail); Task Coach; iPhone Calendar (specific to iPhone users only).

A flexible way to plan is to use post-it notes.