Learning Development Tutors

Learning Development Tutors work with students of all levels (Diploma, Foundation, Degree, Masters and PhD) to facilitate their academic and creative development. They provide support for students with both academic and studio based work and help students get the most out of their independent study. They are based in the Library at each UCA campus and students can book 1-2-1 tutorials to see them.

If you feel that one of your students would benefit from discussing their work with a Learning Development Tutor, please direct them to the Gateway Desk in the Library. A member of the Gateway team will then help them to arrange a tutorial.

The Learning Development tutors can help students develop a better understanding of academic practices, conventions and methods such as:

  • Understanding and answering the brief
  • Making better use of lectures, seminars and tutorials
  • Referencing and compiling bibliographies according to UCA conventions
  • Understanding plagiarism and how to avoid it
  • Exploring, selecting, evaluating and applying research
  • Developing a critical and reflective approach to their work and the work of others

They can also help students with:

  • Research skills – keeping a research journal, idea generation
  • Academic writing skills – including planning, structuring, referencing. They also consider appropriate writing styles for various types of work such as reports, personal statements, literature reviews, thesis outlines, research proposals, briefs, esays, dissertations and theses
  • Time management and organisational skills
  • Reading and note taking for academic purposes
  • Presentation skills for critiques, assessments, professional practice assignments and progress review panels

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