Virtually Included by Team Logo

Technology has given us tools to create an inclusive and accessible alternative learning space. We have been given a chance to learn in our own homes and in our own way, removing anxiety about speaking up in a classroom, enabling us to participate more confidently. This course has let us create our own timetable, removing the obstacles of teaching work, families and practice, free from discrimination against anyone who is unable to physically be there. We have built relationships with each other through a screen and formed a community of practice which has been beneficial to our learning and provided us a network of professional teachers who we can turn to. By recording the sessions we, the students have been given the flexibility to catch up on past lessons which may have been missed, expanding this opportunity for learning and creating an educational online platform.


This collection of images showcases the variety of individual, alternative learning spaces of our cohort, highlighting culture and diversity. Each space enables the student to participate in learning in a creative and accessible environment. Throughout our time as Team logo we have all been touched by the concept of inclusivity and how technology can bring us all together.