Making Use of Video

Video is an extremely powerful medium to use in your teaching – whether you are embedding video clips into your learning resources, getting students to create their own videos and uploading them to online platforms, or recording lectures so students can watch/revise at a later date.

Browsing and adding video to your units in myUCA is easy. Just hover over ‘Build Content’ and choose either YouTube or Planet e-Stream, UCA’s own video streaming service. You will then be able to search for and add relevant videos to your unit. This short video explains how to search for video content from within myUCA and add it to your course or unit.


You could even consider flipping your classroom, a method of instruction that is growing in popularity. This essentially involves providing videos of key course content for students to watch in advance of the lecture, then using the face-to-face time to discuss what students have learned. This excellent video explains the concept of flipping your classroom and provides tips on how to go about it.

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