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What is myUCA?

myUCA is the university’s virtual learning environment (VLE) and student portal where students will find everything related to their course and supporting resources – including a gateway into the library, student services and career information.

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I am unable to log into myUCA

Are you a new staff member or sessional staff?

New Permanent Staff – You will need a ucreative network account first which has to be requested by your line manager. New members of staff need to be given access to myUCA. This is normally done by HR informing the Learning Technologists to add them to the system. However, there may an exception to the rule – if this is the case and your ucreative username and password does not give you access to myUCA, please email to get access.

New Sessional/Temporary Staff – You will need a UCA network account to access myUCA, this account is requested by your line manager, who will need to complete an IT Request Form:

You will receive a Welcome to myUCA email once you have a UCA network account; you can use the Staff Self-Enrolment Form to gain access to myUCA’s course areas and units you will be supporting.

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My password isn’t working, what should I do?

  • Your web browser may remember your old password – especially if you told the browser to remember it. Therefore, always ensure you use your current password to access myUCA
  • Make sure you do not have CAPS lock selected and that you enter your username in lowercase
  • It could also be that your password has expired
  • You may have forgotten your password

If you have forgotten your password or it has expired, please contact the Computer Helpdesk at:

internal ext. 8799
direct dial: (01634) 888799

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Can I access myUCA from home?

Yes. All you need is a web browser and access to the Internet. Go to and enter your UCA username and password as normal.

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Can I access myUCA with a MAC?

Yes you can. Your Mac will need access to the Internet and you will need a web browser installed such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

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How can I see who is enrolled on my unit, course or community?

  1. Select the unit/course/community on which you wish to find out who is enrolled
  2. Scroll down to the ‘Course Management’ tools
  3. Click on ‘Users and Groups’ and then click ‘Users’
  4. On this page you can search to see who is enrolled. Because everyone is enrolled to myUCA using their ucreative email addresses you can choose to search by ‘Email’ and ‘Contains’ (these options are available as menus)
  5. Then type ‘ucreative’ and click on ‘Go’
  6. You will then be presented with a list of users that have been enrolled to the unit, course or community


NB: If any of your students are not enrolled to your unit and you would like them to be, please DO NOT ENROL STUDENTS YOURSELF, see the FAQ below for an explanation. Alternatively, please contact

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Can I enrol my students to the correct unit?

No you can’t. Campus Registry has strict control of all student enrolments to myUCA via an auto-feed from the Students Information System (SITS).

The correct process to rectify any students not enrolled (or enrolled to the wrong course/unit) is to contact your Campus Registry, who will then enrol the student through SITS, which in turn will automatically update myUCA.

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How can I be enrolled on a course or unit?

You can use the Staff Self-Enrolment Form to gain access to myUCA’s course areas and units you will be supporting. You will need a UCA network account first.

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I cannot see any units

If you cannot see any units or courses in myUCA, this will usually mean you are not enrolled on any. Go to the Staff Self-Enrolment Form where you can select which courses and units you require access to. Once done, you can begin communicating with your students and uploading materials and resources.

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What’s the difference between the Course area and the Unit area?

The course area on myUCA is a central place where all students from all years (or stages) can access. Content in this area should contain the following:
– Announcements
– Timetables
– Programme Specification
– Course Handbook
– Course Resources (pdfs & weblinks)
– Course Team Details
– Unit Feedback (for all units studied)

The unit area on myUCA only deals with content specific to the unit.

NOTE: All FE courses (and some PG courses) also include the units in the course area.

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Why are some images not visible in myUCA’s learning spaces?

The myUCA server can only process a certain amount of information at a given time, and if there are numerous students uploading large files simultaneously some files may not upload successfully. Asking students to compress their images prior to uploading using 72ppi allows images to load much more quickly and can resolve the problem of images not appearing.

A further solution is to ask your Learning Technologist to add a maximum file-size limit to the unit. This enables you to specify the size of file that can be uploaded.

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How can I check if students are using the course or unit areas?

Go to the Control Panel > Performance Dashboard, this will bring a table up listing all the students, the date they last accessed the course, how many days ago it was and their participation levels with the content.

View Video showing you how the Performance Dashboard works

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Please contact if you cannot find the information you require.

Still have a question about myUCA?
Contact your Learning Technologist –