Turnitin is a formative learning tool that enables students and tutors to verify the academic integrity of written work. At UCA, Turnitin supports learning by enabling students to check their referencing prior to handing in a piece of work.

When you are setting up a Turnitin submission box, please copy and paste the text below into the ‘Special Instructions’ box (delete the last one or two paragraphs as appropriate):

Please submit your final work here before (insert time and deadline date). If you wish to submit before the deadline, Turnitin will provide an Originality Report that may highlight words and phrases which you need to reference. Use this report to check your work and re-submit. You can only submit once within a 24hr period. Your most recent upload to Turnitin will be the one marked by your tutor. For more help with Turnitin, please view the Turnitin video guides in Study & Research Skills (see left hand menu). Here you will also find help with referencing, including UCA’s Harvard Referencing guide which tells you how to reference different sources such as journals, books, webpages, blogs etc.

If your tutor has asked you to submit a hard copy of your work to Campus Registry, you will need to print off the Digital Receipt from Turnitin and attach it to your hard copy.

Feedback for this work will be available from the View/Complete link below after (insert time and date).

Setting up Turnitin

The following short video walks you through the process of setting up a Turnitin assignment in myUCA:

Understanding Turnitin’s Originality Report

This video explains how to use the Originality Report to check you have referenced correctly:

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